What activities do most renters do with your classic Mustangs?

Birthdays, weddings, engagement shoots, special occasions, travel, photo shoots, lunch dates, dinner dates, anniversaries, music videos, site seeing, graduations, fathers day, mothers day, charity events, corporate events, gift certificates, product promotions, getting seen in a cool car, car shows, portfolio shoots, fulfilling a bucket list to name a few.

What are the driver requirements?

ALL RENTERS: You must be 25 years or older with a valid driver’s license to rent a vehicle. Some conditions apply.

Is insurance provided?

Like renting a modern rental car, you are responsible for all damage to the vehicle.

Our rental fleet has the minimum Insurance requirements as required by California law. All drivers are required to carry FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE including comprehensive and collision protection on their personal auto policy that is transferable to a rental car. Below is a sample declaration page. For renters that do not carry such insurance they have the option to upgrade their auto policy prior to rental or purchase a Loss Damage Waiver for an additional fee. This fee also includes an independent insurance policy that will cover the renter for damage to our rental car up to $20,000 The deductible is $2,500 and the renter is required to sign a credit card slip for this amount. When the car returns undamaged we return the credit card slip to the renter to dispose of.

FOREIGN RESIDENTS: It is our experience that most non resident renters are limited to rental car insurance outside of their home country of residence. Your options are to purchase a loss damage waiver as described above or pursue travel coverage that will insure our rental car.

We accept Certificates of Liability Insurance naming Classic Mustang Rentals Inc. as additionally insured.

Is there a mileage LIMIT?

75 free miles on an up to four hour/half day rental and 100 free miles on an up to eight hour/full day rental. The cost is $.50/mile for all miles driven over the free allotted miles.

Do I have to fill the tank up with gas before returning the car?

There are many gas stations within a five 1 mile radius from us. We ask that you fill the tank within close proximity to our location as a courtesy to the next renter. It is not mandatory that you fill the tank but we will charge you $10.00 per gallon if the vehicle is returned without filling it up. We require all renters to provide the final fuel receipt to ensure the correct fuel was used – 91 Octane/Premium. A $75.00 fee is charged to the card listed on the Rental Agreement if a fuel receipt is not provided. If the fuel receipt provided is more than five miles away from the business, the difference will be charged to the card listed on the Rental Agreement.

What is the cancellation/LATE policy?

No call/no show or same day cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee. Less than 48 hours notice prior to your reservation may be charged a cancellation fee. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation due to poor road/weather conditions and/or at our discretion. We are flexible with rescheduling in the event of poor road/weather conditions. If you are late to the agreed upon pick up time, you will be responsible for the full amount of your rental regardless of time lost (your rental may be extended at our discretion if there is no overlap in reservation(s). We suggest planning your day and your drive accordingly to meet the agreed upon time. All returns after the agreed upon time are subject  to late fee(s), regardless of traffic or stops for fuel. If you are late to return a vehicle and it overlaps with the next reservation, you will be charged for the full amount of the other rental reservation. We do not offer refunds, only a credit for a future rental depending on the circumstance.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can arrange for drop off and pick up or even one way. Delivery fees apply (fuel, miles, driver’s time). Let us know the addresses and times so we can properly quote you.

How many people fit in the car?

There are four seats with lap seat belts in the vehicles.

How big is the trunk space?

It will typically fit 2 larger size hard case suitcases and 3 larger size soft cases. The soft cases are best.

Where can we go with the car locally for site seeing?

Cruising the open roads of our beach communities like Surf City, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, etc. with plenty of time to eat, shop, visit exquisite parks and even ride with your Mustang on the historic Balboa Island Ferry, crossing the inner harbor of Newport Beach.

Can we take the car on longer trips?

Absolutely! Our Mustangs have been to Chicago, Texas, New Mexico, Las Vegas, San Francisco and many many more places. 

Sorry, no international border crossings allowed.

Are Chauffeurs available?

Yes. Please inquire.